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With the optional addition of humidity control, extended time lapse observations are now  possible with the LiveCell TM   system: a completely integrated and easy to use stage top incubation system for inverted microscopes.  

At the push of a button you have adjustable, precise, and stable control over the Temperature, %CO2, and Humidity without the need for expensive pre-mixed gas, flow rate adjustments, or excessive evaporative loss of media during long observations.


                 Key Features:

  • Adjustable closed loop control
  • 5 day worry free walk away time.
  • Uses inexpensive  CO2  gas.
  • No tools required to install and  run.
  • Chamber is small yet large enough    for nearly all sample configurations.
  • Visual alarms  indicate instability
  • Fail safe heating.
  • Each function can be disabled.
  • Controller can be located up to 6 feet from the chamber.
  • Easily transported to other labs.
  • Optional RS-232 Interface.
  • Optional Humidity control.
  • Accommodates various working distance condensers.
  • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), fluorescence, and Phase Contrast imaging are all possible. 



The chamber design is small enough to fit most inverted microscopes with flat stage tops, yet large enough to accommodate a broad range of sample vessels such as: slides, dishes, multiwell plates, and even incubation flasks. Different lid lenses allow you to configure the chamber for the largest sample vessel possible




  • Temperature control to 50.0 C.
  • Temperature stability +/- 0.1 C.
  • Temperature accuracy  < 0.2 C
  • Temperature response time 5 sec.
  • %CO2  control to 10.0% +/- 0.1%.  
  • %CO2 stability +/- 0.1%.
  • %CO2  accuracy  +/- 2% of max.
  • %CO2  response time 20 sec.
  • %RH control to 100% +/- 1%.
  • %RH stability +/- 1%.
  • %RH accuracy +/- 2% max.
  • %RH response time 15 sec.
  • Power 110 VAC-50/60 Hz @ 2.36 A.
  • Optional Power  220 VAC-50/60 Hz @ 1.3 A.
  • Weight 20 lbs.
  • Warm up and stabilization time < 30 min.
  • CO2  usage is <1 liter / hr
  • Minimum Operational room temperature 25 C


For detailed specifications, pricing, and features please download the brochure and Users Guide.

Download Brochure (doc)  791K

Download Users Guide  (doc) 279K

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