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April 1, 2006        Pathology Devices resumes production and sales of the LiveCell TM product line after terminating the license agreement with Neue Biosciences, Inc.  Pathology Devices is now in a position to offer dramatically reduced lead times, better quality, and improved customer service for both the domestic and international markets.  In addition to the LiveCell TM  incubation system, we are currently completing the development of a proprietary stage top incubation system specifically designed for automated multiwell plate imaging.   Research methods and time lapse imaging have been evolving rapidly and we are responding with new incubation solutions that offer the same stable temperature and CO2 control, minimal evaporation, and same ease of use.  Back


















Feb. 10, 2006        We look forward to the expansion of the LiveCell TM product line through our new relationship with Coldspring Scientific, Corp. and the research that will be enabled.  Coldspring Science Corp. has dedicated itself to providing researchers in China with expert system integration and professional post-sale services in the area of sophisticated image analysis applications for the life sciences and astronomy.

Since 1996, Coldspring Science has been providing customized solutions to a variety of customers from the Institutes of Chinese Academy of Science and Universities to Biotech companies. Published research from the best labs in China has been supported by the image processing technology and devices provided by Coldspring Science.

Armed with an expanding customer base in China and in-depth experience in microscopy imaging systems, including CCD camera, software, microscope, and microscope peripherals, Coldspring Science provides the researchers in China with the best professional services in the world. Back

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Dec. 20, 2005         We are now pleased to announce international sales expansion with the addition of Uni-Tech Science, Inc. as an exclusive distributor in S. Korea .    We see Uni-Tech Science as a value added distributor with  LiveCell TM and TMArrayer TM  augmenting their current offerings.   Back

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Dec. 16, 2005         We are now accepting preliminary TMArrayer orders with Beta testing set to begin at the NCI.   For a limited time we are offering a 15% discount including free software and hardware upgrades to all preliminary orders. Units will be available late January 2006.

The TMArrayer is a new Tissue MicroArray (TMA) constructor which promises to fill the void between manual tissue array construction instruments and fully automated systems.  

X-Y positioning of the recipient blocks are automated through a simple touch screen interface, and the proprietary coaxial punch assembly provides fine control over the placement of donor cores into the recipient blocks.    Back

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Dec. 1, 2005      Now, nearly unlimited time lapse live cell observations are possible with one incubation system. Production has begun of the  LiveCell 3 stage top incubation platform which has Temperature, CO2, and Humidity controls all integrated into one easy to use system.

You no longer need expensive pre-mixed gas, flow rate adjustments, or worry about evaporative loss of media during long observations.  

The most obvious improvements are the new look of the controller and the chamber. The chamber has undergone a small redesign to fit a greater variety of flat top stages without compromising performance or flexibility.

NIKON, OLYMPUS, LEICA, and ZEISS inverted microscopes and several flat top motorized stages can now be accommodated with the new design.

Pathology Devices has retained all Domestic and international rights and is active in establishing an international distribution network.    Back

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